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Originally Posted by Sambooka
Originally Posted by Hajo Flettner
That is a real pity. I was planning on ordering some stuff from him but I suppose that will never happen again. I never really understood what the problem was on this end but I always had a good impression of the guy. Well, hopefully, Smiley will be able to get along fine without us.
I actually just placed an order from the Nargile Club a few weeks ago ... and I was planning on ordering again for some more coconut coals REAL soon, I really loved those coals!

... I am dumbfounded right now, cuz I don't know what anybody here at Hookah Pro might have said or did to be "called out" like that on the Nargile Club site!?
I even asked him if he had a banner, that I would code it into the new site layout. I also told him if he didn't have a banner, I would make one for him! ... SO I don't understand the accusation of "we got no support from the community's administration". I would say that is pretty supportive!

I just don't even know what to say, Smiley has always been WELL RESPECTED by me! I've been hoping he would come back and post more frequently here ... but he disappeared!
... At first when I read this thread, I thought something terrible happened to Smiley, and I was actually struck with fear that something bad had happened to him! Like I said, I think very highly of Smiley ... always have!
The more I think about this the stranger it seems. I can't recall anyone here having anything bad to say about Smiley and in fact, I know lots of people have been pretty supportive. I don't however think much of having this forum collectively slammed in public. This just doesn't sit well with me at all. If he wants to drop the site that is his business but attacking this forum without any stated reason publicly is simply wrong. I always felt good about sending a little business his way and I hate to say it but this gives me pause in doing so.
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