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Default Re: Syrupy Shisha

if you do neglect to stir... is there a good way to come back from that, aside from just getting new shisha? i have a new 250g of AF that's way too soupy. i tried taking the amount i would use to pack a bowl, wrapping that in a paper towel and squeeze drying it, but it didn't really come out to my liking. next i was going to try either:
(A) leave the lid off the tub for a while and stir every 6-12 hours to see if i could evaporate some of the moisture or
(B) remove the shisha from the tub, and make a sort of colander of foil to put at the bottom of the tub, put the shisha back in there and let it drain with the top sealed so i could save the excess liquid and add some back if necessary

thoughts? other suggestions?
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