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Default Knocking over a Hookah.

This thread is a lovely opportunity for all of you to post your "knocked over hookah" stories.

As I'm sure all of you know, the Sahara Pearl Pheonix hookah vase is basically a ball shape. Put the bowl and coals on and what to you get? An extremely top heavy hookah. Now combine that with the stock 3 foot hoses that came with it, and some friends who like to underestimate length.

The first time it happened i was smoking with my friend erik. Erik doesn't handle tobacco well for some reason. He always gets pretty buzzed and slap happy from it. So he went to take a hit, and decided to lay down on the floor. He didn't let go of the hose, and the whole thing tipped over. This time it was my little 10 inch pumpkin vase. Thankfully it was at ground level so the only thing that i didn't catch were the coals. They burnt into the carpet quite a bit before i could pick them up.

Second time it happened i was with my friend Jimmy. We were playing some Tekken 6, and i had my sahara sitting on my dresser. jimmy dropped the hose out of his hand, and the weight of the hose alone as it was falling was enough to bring the whole hookah down. the coals were almost done as it was, so ash went everywhere. the vase hit carpet and didn't shatter, but water and ice cubes went all over the floor. the coals made some pretty gnarly marks on my carpet. I've had them fixed since.

Third and final time was yesterday. Me and my friend Cody were sitting at my computer desk playing some Battlefield 2142, he went to grab the hose but it got caught on the corner of my desk. the hookah never tipped completely, but it tipped enough to drop the hot coal on my friends crotch area. In a state of panic i was rushing around the room trying to find my tongs before the coal burnt threw his pants. I'm sure you all can imagine what vulgarities were being launched from our mouths. I would do the same thing if there was a hot coal on that area of my jeans haha.
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