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Default Re: Knocking over a Hookah.

Hmmm, i myself have knocked it over once, i think, but i have had a few friend pull it before and more than once.
We had it happen once in a garage, so nothing got screwed up. Another time a guy I can't stand knocked it over in "the shack" which is basically a 10x10 room with an open door and a roof that we smoke hookah and have a table in for mixing drinks (its out in the woods at my friends house by a fire pit we have parties at) and it just has plywood floors. But it did manage to soak the bowl, thus ruining the whole session.
We have also had a few knock overs inside, once recently by my friend at his own house who is always super cautious about making sure we don't pull it over.
Last week however, my friend build a 1.5 ft square table that the hookah sits in. I meant to take pictures but basically, the hookah is held in place by the hole in the center of the table that wraps around the top of the vase, the only thing you lose out on, is you can't see the vase.. so we are considering building table 2.0 with some pexi-glass.
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