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Default Best Hookah Night Ever

We have alot of disaster stories, dropped coals, broke the base, bent the hookah, burnt the tobacco, broke a bone ect.

Yet we all keep smoking hookah.

The reason we keep coming back is cause we have mostly good days.

Tell the story of your best hookah session ever.
Be descriptive paint us a picture telling us why this was the best day.

My story would take place at a lounge, no particular celebration just bored at my gf's families house and after a few hours there we decided to go to a local lounge that is kind of far from my house but near where we were.

We get to the lounge and the owner happens to my former student, didnt know he even had a lounge. He says im going to take care of you. Brings us jordanian mint tea a 42" commercial KM with a pineapple head filled with blue mist. Natural coals on top of course. He instructs everyone that we are VIP and our coals need to be changed often. On this very same night some old friends come into the place and of course we get them to join us. So we are set up with 2 people to a hookah and we get to a second round after killing off the first fruit heads. As they are preparing our next round of tobacco more old friends walk in...we cant believe it, what the heck are so many people doing here, didnt know this was a new meeting place. Anyway my former student locks the doors at about 1am and sits down to have a few beers with us (its BYOB) he calls it a private party and sets us all up with a 3rd hookah and sits down to join us for it. I think between all of us we must have ordered about 12-15 hookahs and he only charged us for maybe 6 of them. This same lounge is quite a distance away from me but i still go passed about 20 lounges to go to this one if i ever do go to a lounge.

it wound up being good friends, good beer, good snacks, and great service.
and they know how to pack and manage a hookah.

thats the hookah night that i judge all other sessions by

whats your story?
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