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Default Re: Knocking over a Hookah.

Well I have 3 so far.

First time was at a party i was having. I had my hookah on the tabel and my drunken buddy pulled the hose and pulled the whole hookah. The hookah tipped over, and smashed the bowl and base.

Second time, i was in my office and i tipped the hookah over and burned the crap out of my carpet in many different spots, cause hookah coals like to blow up when they get dropped. lol.

3rd. i was smoking hookah with some freinds. My buddy was taking a hit off the hookah and then tried hitting me in the nuts. when he did this, it caused him to fall off the couch and pulled the hookah with him. It was funny to watch as the whole thing looked delayed. I have video of it, and have yet to post the video on youtube as i am lazy. lol.

I do have an interesting coal thing though. I was setting up a hookah at a new years eve party. The coals were good to go, and honestly i had forgotten about them, so they were pretty burned up. I had someone grab the coals with the tongs. Then i made the mistake of trying to grab the tongs from them with the coals in the tongs. As soon as i did that. All 3 of the coals exploded like a firework and sent sparks flying everywhere. It looked cool, but my hand was pretty burnt up.
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