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Default Re: Knocking over a Hookah.

Just the other day my daughter's dog decided to go on a nutsy streak. He does that from time to time. He's an english springer spaniel and he loves to chase invisible things that only he can see. Anyway, while doing so he barreled into the small table I have sitting near my favorite chair for smoking and browsing on the computer, which then sent the table flying into my hookah, which then proceeded to tumble over onto it's side. The coals had all but burned out so there was only one very small burn in the rug but I was scrambling to recover the hookah. In the process he also sent my netbook flying off of the table and onto the floor as well. I wasn't a happy camper with him for all of that. But, in the end, I figure he probably thought he was protecting the house from some unseen alien invaders or something. Or he had squirrel on the brain.
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