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Default my first big session

ok guys so tonight i invited my one of my friends over and his girlfriend and they smoked my hookah with me along with my girlfriend. it was very chyll and nice out on the balcony cuz u can hear the ocean waves breaking on the shore. anyways, we were smoking the romman sweet melon i had and they loved it. things were going great and i told them all about this site and they seemed like "you nerd" at first but then they were come u are doing that and why do u do and i told them i learned from here. REPRESENT!! lol anyways after that bowl i packed one of AW vanilla which we again all liked. we ordered a pizza and started making some drinks.. u kno kinda gettin things rollin...any ways here comes the interesting stuff. so after the vanilla i was like, hey guys u mind smoking this 2x apple with me, i hear it tastes lke licorice(ewww >_< didnt kno when i ordered) and they said ok. mind you that NONE of us like licorice.. anyways so we are all gettin pretty "loose" from the drinkin we are doing and i had JUST made myself this nice rum and coke in a huge class and had it outside....... so i was just about done seting up the new bowl and had finished lighting my QL and had it in tongue and moving it over to the bowl when it slipped out and landed RIGHT IN MY RUM AND COKE!!! everyone kinda stopped for a second and the silence was broken when i screamed a colorful 4 letter word... neadless to say it was pretty damn funny. we got to smoking and i got the idea of making smoke bubbles and they all LOVED it. we got good at it and i managed to make a bubble blow at it and split it in two..pretty sick. anyways this is hella long post so i will stop. later
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