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Default NILE Orange. Unknown Brand, Amazing Product

I bought a 50mg box of Nile Orange at my local smoke shop in Nashville today. The shop Manager told me Nile was a step beneath Starbuzz and that I should give it a try. I opened the box a little and was greeted with an intense orange aroma. I'm from florida so I know what real orange smells like, and this stuff was dead on.

I had him get me a tub of Hookah Hookah Orange and I opened it a little right there on the counter to compare the scents. After comparing the two brands side by side I went with the Nile, due to the authentic citrus scent. After telling me that Nile orange had real pieces of orange peel, it all made sense! To sum it up, this is the best in the box scent
I have ever experienced with tobacco, it's incredible.

I loaded my personal MYA hookah with the tobacco when I got home, Nile tobacco is a 9 out of 10 on the wet scale which I like. I was so happy to see little to no stems in the cut, another plus.

The smoke is thick and desirable. The flavor is incredible, the convincing scent translates into a convincing flavor. It is AUTHENTIC citrus, it is a delicate flavor not overwhelming at all, yet still, very flavorful. I love Nile Orange, It's my new favorite and one of few flavors and brands I want large quantities of. I wish I could find more information on the brand, but oh well. Highly recommended, I look forward to trying additional flavors.

- Josh

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