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Default Re: New package and funnel

Originally Posted by Laimis View Post
well I was gettin pretty nice smoke with the settup, but now I have a problem with coconaras, they shrank on me in 40 mins, it's the new ones, kinda squere... It has stamp and everything, original... But 40 mins? Comon...
That's kinda crazy. Even the old CCNs last longer than 40 minutes. Some people have gotten over 1h15 of useful life out of the new cubes. Is there a lot of air circulating in the room where you are smoking? Like open windows and fans? Than can really kill your coals quickly. The coals will also burn out faster if they're not fully lit, which means the core has to be lit as well. I assume that your coals were properly lit, though.

A windcover definitely helps with keeping your coals alive.

Originally Posted by Laimis View Post
Damn, ordering exotica next time do they have same heat?
Exotica coals are great as well, but if you're sensitive to carbon monoxide, they might give you a slight headache or set off your CO detector.
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