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Default Starbuzz price increase?

So, I ran out of my Social Smoke clove, and threw away my Jewels banana and strawberry(yes, they were that bad, smoked several bowls of each and they gave me terrible headaches and the strawberry had a terrible chemical aftertaste to it), so I dropped by one of my local smoke shops to pick up a 100g tin of Starbuzz. Last week, the price was $15, a touch high compared to prices on the net, but no big. Asked for it, and was told it was $27. Double checked it was the 100g tin, and walked out the door as they only had that and Jewels(small cigar store, very limited selection on shisha).

So, I wound up driving into Arlington to get some Starbuzz from another smoke shop, and was told a 100g tin was $25 there, but paid the usual amount for a tin of Social Smoke and a package of Fantasia. Has Starbuzz increased their prices to insane levels, or is this some kind of local tax thing? Anyone else encounter this?
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