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Default Re: Starbuzz price increase?

In every state there is another tax that a lot of shops don't pay, most commonly referred to as an OTP.that's why you get $5 nakhla, and $15 SB. If you pay your taxes, your total cost will come out much higher than $15 for SB. Every state is different, NYC for instance is 46% of the wholesale price, here in Utah currently it's 35%, and in July, that will go to 86%. A similar thing just happened to Texas. Therefor, if you buy it in the state, you are subject to the state taxes. If you order from out of state,you are free of state taxes. However, certain states (Utah, Washington, Montana) you cannot order tobacco commercially to be shipped from another state. I wouldn't be surprised to see that same law everywhere in the next few years. This tax is the difference many people see when buying locally, the fact you're seeing $27 100g SB is not that shocking anymore, expect it to be common place, as many smoke shops across the country are being audited for their unpaid OTP. Trust me, it's not the shops trying to be evil, just doing what they're required by law to do.
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