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Default Re: my first big session

LOL. Man that really sucks. I know how it is when something kills the mood. I had a little get together last night with 4 of my friends at my buddies house. Fun night. None of them had ever smoked a hookah and I just got my first one. We were going to smoke some SB X on the Beach. I went to light my coal only to learn that their stove top wasn't working. Grrr!!! So one of my friend's girlfriend wanted to put the coal in the oven.... Yeah, like that would work. LOL. No one had a torch. So, I ended up using their gas grill and taking the grill surface off and just placing the coal as close to the flame on the heating element as possable. Needless to say it was taking FOREVER!!!! Then as I was grabbing a beer from the fridge, one of my friends decided to place the coal on the bowl before if was fully ashed. I said **** it, let's smoke. Got a nice small little headache latter in the night... probably a little CO2. LOL. What are you gonna do? Just got to laugh it off. So, I feel your pain!!!! Sounds like you still had a great night, as well did I.

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