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Default Re: Khalil Mamoon 35" Heart Of Lion

Originally Posted by oSPANNERo View Post
To be honest, and you will probably hear this sentiment echoed by others, all KM's smoke the same: Really Well. The rest is just aesthetics. Two things of note:

Go with a vendor that is active here. You want to request that they visually inspect the hookah and make sure its doesn't look too "Hand Made". KM has had some QC/QA issues that pop up where the welds are messy and the plating isn't well done.

Ice chambers are a hotly debated item. They look super cool but as for function, the jury is still out. They are not a negative by any stretch, but may not cool the smoke as much as KM would like you to believe.

All in all, find a KM that you like the look of and go with that.
The not too hand made part is clutch, you don't want you hookah showing up looking like a drunk guy made it.
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