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Default Re: Funnel thick smoke?

Originally Posted by PBRpunx14 View Post
i was gonna say give it a minute, sometimes with AF i get thinner smoke than i'm used to for the first couple minutes but then the nice thick clouds i want for the remainder, but even if your first post was at the start of your smoke and at second posting you still had thin smoke, that's not your issue.

4 coals seems like way overkill to me. on my large egyptian, i use 2 to start, then replace with 2 more once those are tiny.

the holes in your foil: how large and how many? i use wooden grill skewers and just the tip, so tiny holes (change my poker if it gets dull), and not too many or you'll be pulling in too much air through the uncovered holes... but with 4 coals simultaneously, i can't imagine you have many uncovered holes
well as I said, I'm gettin nice amount of smoke but they're not thick and they dispurse fast... I want thick smoke xD and 1st bowl I used huge, and I mean huge holes... I got alot of smoke but not thick... Next bowl I added glycerin and I got shit load of smoke but taste is shit and not as thick as I would like it to be... I'm still experimenting... Maybe I need more tobacco, maybe less holes.. I dk lol
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