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Default Re: Tangiers Packing Trouble

ok so take all the info you have seen about the "proper" method, file in your mind in the back where you wont look at it again. every time i try anything near the "right" way it is horrid.

i use a vortex to smoke tangiers but get decent results with my small phunnel as well here is what i do.

after it is acclimated (i think it is more letting the flavorings air out and off gas and honestly if it will acclimate i find it does it very fast, nothing over a few hours at most, if it is being finicky you can leave it in the flat ziplock container closed for a while and that seems to help). i mix it up really well and then just grab it with my hands and put it around the bowl, not sprinkle, not packed, put it maybe a bit over the rim and then pack it down with my fingers so there is a good gap, about the level of teh spire on the phunnel and just under it on the vortex (making sure the vortex holes are clear) wipe off the rim and spire and foil it. poke pretty normal size hole NOT all the way down, poked to normal depth. i start with 3 coals hanging off a bit with a wind cover pull the cover once it is going and drop a coal as needed, using 2 for the majority of the bowl.

i pack noir and lucid the same way but find lucid to be a bit easier and it gives less of the tickle (harshness that is there no matter what)

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