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Default Re: coconut shell coals

as far as all nats go, i've used:
exoticas: love them, but they were a bitch to break. i heard they've started scoring them, but haven't had a batch. they used to be super cheap locally, but then went to over double price and i'm not payin $17/kg to get them locally
some brand of finger coals that were cylinders: hated those things... couldn't for the life of me get good heat and keep them on top of the bowl
some brand of "all natural" coals that when i opened them were just charred hunks of wood... in regular wood shapes, in chunks between dime-sized slivers and full golf balls. what a bunch of shit those were. couldn't smoke a bowl w/o lighting 2 dozen of them, couldn't manage heat with any regularity b/c of the irregular size/shape. couldn't even successfully break up the huge chunks.
got a box of "he who shall not be named" nats the day the official ban announcement went up: so far, i'm ok with them AFTER they're lit. while lighting them, it smells like satan's bunghole. will try coconaras next. good shape, size, longevity, ash, etc... but always lookin towards better
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