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Default Re: new hookah help, 2 hose

Originally Posted by Thecheezanator View Post
A lot of you guys saying how awful multihose hookahs are, have any of you even had one before?

I have a two hose 10" Sahara Smoke hookah and it worked fine. However, I do not suggest going with Sahara Smoke because their hookahs rust.
When I used my two hose hookah we NEVER had to plug the other hose to get a good hit. If you hit by yourself you get a good hit, if you hit together you get a great hit. But it really doesn't make as big of a diference as everyone says it does. If you want a two hose hookah, go for it.
yep i had a rotator (great design, shitty execution of said design) 2 hose and a mya mini that i threw another port on (didnt use a mya one cause i was able to just pull of the top of the purge and put on a different port i had to that and it functioned fine.

if the autoseal is designed well it is fine but if you dont have autoseal (and dont cap) you get a lot less smoke and if you are getting decent smoke it usually is harsh cause you have to get it so hot to get a lot of smoke with basically a huge leak

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