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Default Re: new hookah help, 2 hose

Originally Posted by Thecheezanator View Post
A lot of you guys saying how awful multihose hookahs are, have any of you even had one before?
Yeah, I had an auto-sealing 2 hose before. The whole design sucked and I ended up having to take the ball bearing out of both hoses before we passed out from trying to pull through that tiny opening around the ball. My roommate has a 2 hose KM double pear, and I hate smoking out of it because I can't do anything with my hands since I'm always plugging the mouthpiece. It's just an extra hassle that could be avoided by passing a hose. I don't understand why we have to have everything RIGHT NOW. It takes an extra 4 seconds to pass the hose to your that 4 seconds really that painful without smoke in your lungs?
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