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Default Re: Another noob question!

Originally Posted by SonOfGram View Post
Dude it's a private sale, bargain with the guy! Besides I'd take an off brand generic egyptian over a chinese any day. Plus you have the ability to inspect it on site (unless he's shipping it to you).
I have to agree with SonOfGram here, even as generic Egyptian it would be well worth the money. If its a local buyer, I would contact them and see if you can take a look at it before buying it. Check out if it has a traditional chamber(vs (plated) common). Also if you're fixated on the draw, check to see the diameter of the downstem and test the draw but keep in mind that even with a slightly restricted draw it should smoke fine.
Just a guess but if you were to buy from another vendor and have it shipped, you would only have to pay a VAT/duty tax as long as there is no tobacco in the package(just a guess though). Maybe you could ask another Canadian smoker on here about this.

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