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Default Re: hookahs in india

Originally Posted by Hajo Flettner View Post
I've only been to Goa but man, India has amazing food and tobacco! It's really lousy that all the cool stuff you guys get never gets exported to the West.

As for running a cafe, well I owned shisha in the states but i've no idea what people in mumbia want but i'm guessing that since it's a huge cosmopolitan city they want crappy mod style neo-moassel. I hope I am wrong however. I also want a real Koyilandy huqqa to replace the one I lost a while ago but those it seems don't get exported either.
well...ther r lot of hookah lounges in mumbai...but most of em dont know to sell it properly...i was wondering if i could gt few ideas b4 i put money in it.....cos its nt just hookahs that ppl come n drinks it obviously one thing but entertainment it the most which sells.....
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