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Default Re: My lounge in my house! (finally)

Originally Posted by Dunkel View Post
Very cool chill spot. I wish I had an extra room to make into my own hookah lounge. My comfy chair in the living room is as chill as it gets for me. Good job man. Hopefully a bum didn't take a healthy wiz on that couch! LOL
ha ha luckliy there are no bums around here. a few crackheads but no bums. i drug that 2 blocks in thunderstorm then sprayed it down real good with some disinfectants. its not real comfortable. but it gets the job done.

and jill as for the HH flavors ill try to list them but im not a real big fan either. but its cheap for when i have a lot of people over smoking. and my local shop has it..

blue berry, blackberry, menthol, spearmint, strawberry, kiwi, cherry, peach, vanilla, and im sure there are a few others that are slipping my mind at the moment. but i also had a few 100g of hookah freak. including
apple jax (one of my fave smokes), the dude, blueberry pancakes, peppermint schnopps, x tasty, and freaks choice (worst thing ive ever tasted). i smoke a lot of the spearmint. its a great mixer it smothes out some of the harsh flavors and ascts as an enricher. hope this filled some of the questions
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