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Default Re: Acrylic hookahs

They will get non-stop shit on here....

But I will fight for my Acrylic to the end. It's invincible, it gets left out all week with water and tobacco in it in the freezing cold. It hasn't shown any signs of rust, or even tarnish for that matter. It's easy as pie to clean, it unscrews completely. It's BRASS, and chrome plated, so rust is never a fear of mine.

They can be Modded to hold up to 4 hoses, and have a wider downstem then other Myas.

i don't know why people don't like them, i guess they just got unlucky. I got mine from H-S, which i recommend. i think people see the Acrylic and are like "Eww fuck that, i bet it sucks" but obviously they are noobs and don't know that Mya's are all basically mixed and matched hookahs, and i would say the Acrylic is the best stem quality.
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