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Default How to Smoke The Pride of Al-Qamishli

Since the first batch of the Pride of Al-Qamishliís Spring seasonal blend which is called " The Harmony of the Soil." got mailed recently I would guess that one or two people would have it within another day or so and a couple of more by mid week. As a result, I think that the time has come to give up some info about how to set up and smoke the "The Harmony of the Soil". Since this stuff is pretty hard to get I strongly recommend that you share a bit with a pal or some Hper that didnít get in on it.
Basically what you need to keep in mind is that since this is an old fashioned product you canít just have it sit about forever since it has no preservatives and I donít know how long it will last. Some traditional products will only last two or three months and some keep for a little more then a year. I do know that they need to be kept in a cool dry place and in an air tight container with as little air space as possible. What I suggest is that after two or three months you test it out and if you think the flavour is still to your liking then wait a couple of more months to try it out again. If itís starting to loss itís taste/aroma then smoke it quickly.
Since this stuff is super fresh you donít need too add any thing to it. In terms of bowls that are around in the states or Europa I suggest you use one of the following: a small or medium funnel with a scalli mod, a super chief (my favorite for this blend) or a vortex. Packing is done by sprinkling in the moassel slowly until itís to the top of rim and pressing down slightly until itís about 3mm below the top of the rim. Next, stretch a heavy duty foil over the top keeping it as tight as possible. The hole patter should be two circles of equally spaced small pin holes with the circles set about a third of the way in from the inner and outer diameter. If you use a funnel or super chief a single centrally allocated hole about 5mm in diameter is needed.
Depending up the size of the bowl youíll need 3 or 4 pieces of high quality natural coals equally spaced around the foil. Donít use quick lights. Make sure the coals are glowing hot and have ashed over once before putting them on. Next Iíd suggest waiting a full 45 -60 seconds before taking a draw. The colas need to be rotated every 5 to 7 minutes if you want to avoid burning the moassel or imparting a harsh flavour.
This is a fairly strong moassel that has an apparent 7-8% nicotine content so slowly paced, shallow draws are the way to go. I strongly recommend waiting about 20 seconds between draws if you are comfortable with the more traditional type moassels. If you typically smoke more processed stuff like Nakhlaís Zagloul or Salloum Plain a 30 second pause is recommenced and if you smoke the candies crap well, waiting a minute would be a good idea but giving it someone more experienced would be better still.
When smoking keep in mind that this is a rich complicated, heavy smoke meant for thinking and being aware of the various primary and background tastes and texture. This is not a product meant to be consumed at a party, while drinking liquor, playing games or to distract you from some video. This moassel has a lot of subtle flavours and they will change as you smoke. Pay attention to the smoke texture and aftertastes because this is not like a typical processed product. Lastly smoke this stuff on a full stomach and have something light, refreshing and lacking a strong flavour when you smoke like unsweetened ice tea or cold water.
Iíll post a review in the near term to help people get an idea about what this stuff tastes like although itís complicated enough that my powers of expression will be tried.
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