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Default Re: in the market for a new bowl

Originally Posted by kalutika View Post
What do you mean "with the phunnel it seems you cant really use ql's"?

A funnel is just like any other bowl. Any charcoal you can use normally should work fine on a funnel.

More on topic:
Tangiers funnels are large and well built. They have great properties regarding heat and have a very clear draw. They use a good amount of tobacco but it's not ludicrous. Only bother with the smalls if you can find them.
Vortex bowls are a bit restrictive in regards to draw, take a little less tobacco than a small funnel and take a little longer to heat up for me. They usually take less coal as well.
I have no experience with the crown hookah bowls.
from what i've seen and have been told it's best to use nat coals, i guess because of the heat distribution, since the hole in the phunnel is in the middle and close to the top, no matter where you set the coal you're gonna have heat directly over the hole, where as w/nat coals the heat is dispersed more evenly, idk it's just the logic that runs through my mind, i have no complaints w/my new vortex as of yet except i'm out of nat coals and will have to wait to get more since the hookah shop here in town only carries qls, and like i said i will be getting a phunnel next, just a matter of when
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