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Default foil issue

ok so idk if any one else has had this happen to them or have even heard if it happening but a friend of mine set up his hookah today and had to use the last of his foil, (this is all in theroy btw) but we're pretty sure we figured out what happened, apearently at the end of a roll of aluminium foil he had, there is an adheasive to glue it to the cardboard tube, i wasn't there but i guess he diddn't think about it or diddn't see it on there, when he started smoking it was ok at first but then got a really horrible plasticy taste, he thought maby the coals had gone bad or something, he stopped smoking it after he realized it wasn't going to get better and shortly after he felt like a bag of hammered crap, he's feeling a lil better now but we're not 100% on what happened, he almost went to the hospital because of it, the bowl and rest of the hookah was clean, the shisha was fresh, he kinda thinks it had something to do w/the coals, i'm think'n it was the foil, the coals were golden river QLs btw, any thoughts, theroys, or ideas are apreciated
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