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Default Re: Cleaning the hose.

Originally Posted by Blaat View Post
I used my hose like 40-50 times now if I'm good. I just blow the smoke out most of the time, and I washed it once with hot water, and this is the second time with lemon juice + water now.
When I suck though one end of the hose, I taste a lot of garbage (before the rinsing with lemonjuice/water) and after it is a bit less.
I'll just let it dry and rinse it tonight with lemonjuice+water+baking soda, and hope all the garbage is out!

Do you mix the soda with lemon juice and water in a pitcher or something, and pour it into the hose, or just fill up the hose with water and put some lemon juice/soda in after?
I mix it all in a pitcher. I take out the mouth tip and put my $1 funnel from Walmart in its place. I pour the mixture in the hose and shake it around. Then pour it out. I repeat one more time before rinsing with just water.
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