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Default Re: coconut shell coals

Originally Posted by Dusty62 View Post
I have a box of the Shishaco nats here and tried them out. They were good with the only thing I disliked about them being the heavy ashing on the foil. Probably me being picky but the Coco's didn't do that. They hold their ash well until I knock it off of them intentionally, thereby not fouling the holes in the foil. Thanks for the input, though, Capt. I do appreciate it. Smoke happy.

What size holes do you use? I use a thumb tack/Push pin for my foil. It is small enough that ash doesn't clog the holes, yet big enough to get heat through. Glad to help Dusty. I have been looking for cheaper coconut coals, so I have tried a lot, still have more to go.
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