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Default Re: coconut shell coals

Originally Posted by Sambooka View Post
In my opinion, ******* Hookah coals ... STINK! Especially when lighting .. after they are fully lit they don't smell as bad, but they do tend to taint the tobacco in your bowl with a noticeable coal taste for the duration of your shisha session. I was sent some of the CH coals for free to try to get me to use them in videos, but I just wouldn't be able to bare looking at myself in the mirror if I promoted such a horrendous smelling coal to you guys.

I stick to the Coconara and Exotica coals .. two of my personal opinionated favorites (in that order) .. low (to no) odor when lighting and both do not affect the taste of your session when they are fully lit properly. "Thumbs UP"
In general I have to agree. I think that the tainting of the flavor is not constant but it does definitely happen. Especially with the most recent boxes I had. Then again I was using those coals almost exclusively for a while so maybe I am just used to it and it will blow my mind when I finally get to try exoticas. Here's hoping. lol. I have had a couple times where the coals distinctly made the session worse so I am hoping to eliminate this entirely with my next order.

Recently I had a couple of these coals produce an acrid plastic like smoke when lighting. It was surprising. Up until this point I had only had the problem of them smelling like a bad campfire. These last couple boxes of naturals have had ones that smelled like a tire fire.
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