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Default Re: Who Wants To Own A Hookah Lounge?

Originally Posted by iMaD View Post
I actually looked into this a couple of months ago and decided against it. There was another popular lounge for sale in the Shaumburg area but I came to the conclusion that it is not worth it. Chicago ( and illinois) is not the frendliest place for business and for Hookah lounges it is a loosing proposition. A 2009 law was passed that severly restricted this business. You are not allowed to serve food or alchoholic beverages in hooka lounges except for some caned soda and packaged type snacks like potatoe chips. This severly impacts the business and actually put many Middleeastern resturaunts out of business since moast people like to have a nice meal and smoke a hookah afterward with a drink or two.
Yeah chicago can be a pain to own a business in that is why you have to try and get some kind of connection that will help you with permits and other "bendable laws". I do agree however that buying a hookah lounge in chicago is a loosing bet because our sales tax and rent is very high. Where my families bar/restaurant is the sales tax is over 10%. I just don't see you being able to make a return on investment on a hookah bar w/out being able to serve booze.
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