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Default Re: looking to buy first hookah

Originally Posted by ATXsouljah View Post
i read the review on this hookah and the guy was new to smoking hookah also and i don't think it was a very good review...anyway he had a different vase (one not as nice as this one pictured) if they picture this vase do i get this vase or do they give u a different one? because i want the one pictured and not that crappy looking one in the review.
ATX, yeah I put up that review on the Kamanja... Should probably update it, as I have had probably 15 smokes out of the hookah since then. Gotten a vortex and an alien bowl also since. No complaints at all. Construction on it is pretty sturdy, so I don't expect any problems down the line. My kids will probably break the vase before the stem ever gives up. Hope the pics gave you a better idea on construction. Send me a PM is you would liek to see any other detail pics.

I still have the stock KM hose, but a friend has let me borrow both a Narbish v3 and a Romman hose, and in my opinion, the pull is a little more effortless from either of those hoses, so I will probably get one of those in short order. Probably the Romman, as this hooks is 26-27 inches and the host end on the Narbish is a little too long.

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