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Default European Meetup?

Hi guys,
I know we were talking about this before, but nobody really came up with something, so I wanted to start another thread to ask around, who will be interested. Unfortunately I didn't find the old thread anymore.

Anyways ... what do you think? I would really love to meet some European HP users and would drive or fly somewhere, if it is not too far or too expensive.
London would be fine, since it is cheap to get there from everywhere in Europe. My favorite location would be Frankfurt / Main (Germany). As most of you may know, Frankfurt has the biggest airport in Europe and it should be easy to get there from everywhere in the world. A friend of mine, which is also the biggest european vendor for hookahs, has an own hookah bar in Frankfurt and I'm pretty sure, that we could spend a weekend there. Possibly we could also visit his company together and get some products for a good price. If some of you are interested, I can ask him and we could do that, if he agrees. Just tell me, what you think and if you would be there. I would arrange that together with DaSebsch, if there are some of you, who would be interested. Frankfurt is also pretty close to the Netherlands and the flight from Britain to Frankfurt is comparatively cheap (less than 100 for a roundtrip should be no problem from all the bigger european airports)

If you have any other ideas, feel free to PM me
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