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Default Re: Maybe going commercial

haha ya i have been looking for tobacco loopholes.. anyways i have the new batch made up. unfortunately i am deadbroke from buying batch ingredients.. i hate to ask it since you guys would be doing me a favor by reviewing it and giving me feedback and suggestions for it but i will only be able to ship to people willing to pay a small shipping fee, i will be sending out samples by fedex as soon as I am able to.. those of you still interested please send me a pm and we can get this ball rolling.... @mattahyde i am using safe to ingest and inhale ingredients and have been smoking my own shisha for months now with no negative side affects that i know of so feel assured i would have dropped dead a while ago if i had inhaled anything unsafe... anyways thank you guys for participating and send me a pm if you are willing to cover a 5 dollar shipping and handling fee.. if not i totally understand. i will send enough of a sample for 2-3 normal bowls not sure how many grams that is but it is what it is..

thanks again guys

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