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Default the risks of ebay

ok so i was browsing ebay about a week or ago and came accross this hookah, not thinki'ng i would win i said why the hell not and put a $20 bid on it, as you can see i won lol, and the guy i got it from was pretty chill, got it today & i guess this guy desnt ship very often so when i got it nothing was bubble wrapped so apearently during shipping it got a few scratches and the bowl broke, it was pretty dirty so i cleaned the hell out of it and gave it a whirl, it smokes pretty good so far w/no leaks or anything and i told the guy what had happened, he asked for some pics, now i'm waiting to see if he wants to do anything to fix the situation, it's not a bad rig, just a few cosmetic flaws, it's abt 20" tall but all the hookahs like it i tried to find online looked alot smaller than what this is, i've seen it called the stargate hookah and th espresso hookah, any one know for sure which one it is? here are some pics

the beast itself, thinking of calling it "tesla"

some of the corrosion i had to clean off
top of the base
base of the stem

top of the stem

mouth piece

chip in the base (its really thick accrilyc)

broken bowl

keep in mind i only paid $20 for it vs. some of the prices i found them for online
but any way let me know what you guys think
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