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Default Re: Another noob question!

Originally Posted by Hajo Flettner View Post
You can't buy anything worth smoking for 50. Sorry but the cheap rigs like Qt have a strong chance of crapping out in 6 months and they only seem to smoke well until you try something good. In the end it makes no sense to save bucks on a narghile since you'll send a few hundred on coals and even more on moassel within a year so get something that will last smoke well.

Oh, the coals that come with the rig are QLs and they'll give you a nasty headache and they cost way more then good coals.
$50 will go a long way when it come to hookahs now, I have had my QT for over a year that I picked up for $45 and I have not had one problem with it. Also, did you forget you can easily grab a KM for $50 now, the tefnut or even piece one together from hookahstore using our discount?
And it isn't proven that QL coals will give a nasty headache, I use them daily and I have never gotten a headache from them.
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