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some of you may know me some of you may not. basically i have a few questions as i am new to the KM world and i feel like i am new totally now with this pipe. so here goes
this is what i got a km trimetal with a pro hose. i usually use a vortex and sometimes a egyptian.

1. how do you usually smoke your km. your set up actually.
i usually use cold water with ice in the base and i get fantastic clouds. now with my km i find that warm or room temp water is better. to clean it i have been using water only no soap or anything like it. just warm water and a brush. i have been getting hit or miss with flavor. starbuzz fantasia fusion you name it it sometimes tastes great other times nothing. so what i wanna know is do i need to try to re think my setup for a km. i use hd foil 2 shishaco coals a windcover and that is it. not sure what to do i love my km but weirdly enough i think i get better taste from my old sahara hookah. help thanks and words of encouragement appreciated.
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