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Default Re: need help with Nammor hose.

Originally Posted by ozlopez View Post
hey guys, i recently bought a nammor hose for my hookah but it doesn't have a snug fit. it keep slipping out and its starting to get annoying. what can i do to solve this? do i buy different hose valves and grommets or is there something else i can do? im not sure what kind of hookah i have but here's a link to it on a website i found. ( ..i checked the forums for a while to see if this was brought up by someone already and didnt find anything so sorry if i missed it and am repeating a topic.
just a lil update for someone that has this problem too.. what i did was i ordered an egyptian hose valve and an egyptian hose grommet from and put that onto my hookah and the hose fits perfectly snug with those.
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