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Default Re: hookahs in india

Originally Posted by Hajo Flettner View Post
DM is fantastic but personally I think that the best stuff in India is made by Ahmad Jurak. They make wonderful spiced jurak like Abu Itrah, Al-Kaas & Abu Sheesha as well as more modern style moassels uder the AJPL brand. The best AJPL stuff is Saffron, Black Current, Litchi, Keora, vanilla and herbal (meaning a mix of herbs not the sugar cane crap). Although India has so many great brands and is such a huge country that I am guessing i've never had a tenth of of thee good stuff.

Abu Itrah, Al-Kaas & Abu Sheesha are simply amazing, cheap and better then anything I can get in the states by far.
wow! saffron and litchi (im thinking this might be similar to lychee?) and herbal sound like they would be awesome!
Why oh why cant we get this stuff here.
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