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Default Re: wtf Tea Shisha?

I think a few things should be repeated here:

1) Shisha is what Egyptians call the thing you smoke moassel out of rathen then something that you put in a bowl.
2) Almost all moassel you can buy in the states or Europa has nearly no nicotine and very little tar compared to pipe tobacco, cigars or cigarettes
3) Only a trivial portion of what nicotine and tar does exist in moassel is going to be absored into the smoker because the moassel is not burned
4) Nicotine in and of its self is not a carcinogen and is not dangerous when when consumed in the qualntities that exist in the sort of tobacco that almost everyone smokes
5) What makes nicotine problematic is that it habit forming although that aspect of the chemical has been wildly exagerated
6) Anything that absorbs liquids and is itself able to have it's own natural taste over powered or acentuated by something else can make asuitable base for a mod style neo-moassel.
7) If one soaks/boils/steams a tea, tobacco or sugar cane enough and adds some sort of flavouring compound and glycerin you'll get a neo-moassel.
8) There is no evidence that smoking the mislabled herbals are somehow safer then smoking the real thing.

As a side note I hate the film that the faux-herbals leave in my mouth. I also find the tastes simple, overly sweet and not realistic. If you have any interest in how tobaccos taste or want a more natural flavour or texture faux-herbals have nothing to offfer. Lastly I don't care about buzz and smoking style actively avoids it.
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