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Default Re: what is the best brand of tabacoo for me?

Originally Posted by dyeforlyf View Post
I tend to agree with everything the captain said except for this. I love tangiers and don't understand why so many people hate on it. I found Al Fakher to be harder to smoke than this stuff (it just feels like it's burning from the tickle you get from every pull)...I never got a harsh session from tangiers, and everyone that has smoked it with me (even noobies) have loved it.

As do I, I have never had a problem with tangiers and have enjoyed every flavor from them except for sour. I wouldn't recommend starting with tangiers though because there is a learning curve to getting it to smoke right and if you are new to hookah smoking tangiers can turn you off of hookah completely if you don't know what you are doing. Stick with AF and Nakhla for now.
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