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Default Re: what is the best brand of tabacoo for me?

Originally Posted by CaptHowdy View Post
For the reason I stated. It needs acclimation and then many times it doesn't acclimate properly. Good tobacco doesn't need to acclimate. For new hookah smokers Tangiers is not something you start out with for this reason.

You answered why I tell people no to Tangiers. It is not for new people. Even the most experienced can't get Tangiers to smoke properly. Drew, you should know good tobacco needs no acclimation.
What's with this bashing? It grows tiresome my friend.
Just because something has requires some work does not mean it is not worth it. I'm not a huge tang fan but I do dig on some of the flavors. And why does acclimation mean quality? Cigars sit in humidors for a level environment. . .

More so on topic, I think that your coals may be a culprit in the head rush department, looking at your tobacco track record (snus/dip knocks me to the ground but I can smoke nakhla without a buzz). Besides that CaptHowdy has a pretty good run down about brands and the general flavor of them.
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