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Default Re: random hookah session story (sad)

that sux =/
just think of it as the first of many. we all have a couple burns in the carpet, comes with the territory. on the bright side... he just moved in. maybe he can arrange the furniture in a concealing manner. on the downside, one day he will inevitably move that furniture and remember how you burned the carpet...

here's a non-hookah related story to cheer you up. my friend moved into another mutual friend's apartment with about 5 months left on the lease. the carpets were in decent shape so they were planning on getting most of the security deposit back when they move out. about a week later, he comes home plastered drunk and knocks a lamp over. fortunately, it didn't break the bulb; unfortunately, the lamp was on. he doesn't even notice and goes off to do something else.
apparently, he came back later, noticed that the lamp had melted a large 4" diameter hole in the carpet and freaked out. he went into the back corner of one of the closets and cut another piece of carpet out to fill in the hole (being drunk, he cut the 'extra' piece much too large). cut the carpet square down to approximately the right size, stuck it in the first hole and put a book on top of it like no one would notice the book in the middle of the living room. went to bed and forgot the whole event. ***these details are the best explanation we could come up with from the aftermath.***
the original roommate got home the next morning, found the lamp lying on the floor surrounded by pieces of carpet, scissors, all the knives from the kitchen, and a book in the middle of the floor. then the search was on... it took him an hour to figure out where the replacement carpet had come from.
they ended up with a hole in the closet carpet, and a 'patched' hole in the living room carpet... but the patch carpet didn't even match correctly since he put a small circle of carpet that had basically experienced no foot traffic in the middle of the living room. they ended up cutting yet another piece from the closet carpet, going to the hardware store, and buying a matching sample of carpet. part of that was used to patch the low traffic spot in the closet, and part of that was rubbed with dirty shoes for a while to try to simulate 2 years of heavy foot traffic to patch the hole in the living room. when they moved out, they still ended up losing a good portion of the security deposit because the leasing company insisted (rightly so) on replacing both the carpet in the living room and the closet.
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