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Default Re: Smoke Ring Blaster?

Originally Posted by FURsAKeN View Post
Sam might be interested..

Seriously, I want to know who would actually buy something like this? Have people gotten this lazy to where let take the practice and skill out of blowing smoke rings. Granted I'm no master myself, but its also sad that someone would market something like this to the hookah community just for a quick buck.
The site it's self doesn't really scream intelligence or originality. (If I offend the person who made this site, I really don't care.) But to market something like that, come on. Not everyone who smokes a hookah is border line retarded or seems to suffer from acute downsyndrome, well there are some I do wonder. But at least put some creativity into it. For example, maybe modify an AirZooka with a stem to where you can blow your smoke into it, and have a trigger release so you don't thin the smoke out when you pull back. Make some monster rings.
What do you guys think?
Well the guy in the pic is wearing a G-Unit shirt, so that should tell you how amazingly brilliant he is! LOL
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