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Default Stigma? History?....I'm not getting it.

Good morning everyone,

You said I could ask questions, so here goes......this is serious and I am not asking frivoulously, so please, if there are other threads you can refer me to, please just let me know.

How did owning, smoking, discussing a hookah become so stigmatized?

Why is it "considered" (assumed to be) illegal?

What is so illicit about it?

If smoking a hookah is basically the middle eastern way of, say, ligthing up a cigarette here..........why does everyone look askance when you bring it up?

Is it just the "assumption" on society's part that you MUST be smoking something illegal from it?

The reason I am asking this, is sometimes I may be a little slow on the uptake, but I am older and I have difficulty realizing that I actually AM part of the counter culture just due to my religious affiliations........

So it seems basically, because I wanted to try something new, (that's been around for a very long while!) That's cool, tastes good, is very social.....and lends itself to contemplative thought (ok, maybe I do see why society is having an issue!) I am stigmatized yet again.

I had someone flip out yesterday when I told them I had purchased a hookah.............appearently, I have to keep my Mya QT on the "QT"......

Like I said, I just don't get it.
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