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Default Re: scalli mod revision

Originally Posted by ariberns View Post
Don't do it!
Don't risk it.
Don't get yourself sick.
Smoking plastic will rob your brain of oxygen at light speed.
Even the tea light mod, I worry about the aluminum in it not being meant for smoking through.
Certain aluminums can eventually cause alzheimers. Reynolds and what not don't since they are used on food and from what I read somewhere it has been tested
But I don't know if anyone has looked into tealight holders.
Lol. Pretty sure only Al(g) is harmful to people, that is the aluminum gas can cause Alzheimer. If you're burning holes through your foil (kingsford coals LOL) then you have issues.

Although if you're looking for hookah modification then food safe/grade things are a great place to start, then research (melting points etc) the items.

And even if you get alzheimers , at least you won't have alzheimers!
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