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Default Alienation and Smoking

I took time out recently to checkout stuff on another forum I haven't viewed in seemly for ever and all I discovered that I am alienated from most American hookah types in a dramatic way. Basically what brought this on is that as was scrolling through the reviews I saw a couple of dozen reviews of Epic which is an abysmal, tasteless, glycerin soaked nightmare and found that the vast majority of the reviews went from mildly positive to wildly enthusiastic. Apparently stuff that tastes like cheap fruit candy of some sort is seen as the holy grail of what they think is "shisha". Digging around in the rest of the reviews and the forum in general it seems that tobacco that tastes exactly like Jolly Rancher candy or some energy drink is seen as a brilliant example of what "shisha" is all about. It seems that most smokers view tobacco solely in terms of crappy cigarettes and something that has no place in hookahs.

Of course I am used to realizing that I don't "fit" with the lamestream fashions of passes for "the West" but realizing that mindless hipsters basically dominate a hobby I dearly love to such an extent has me taken aback.

Still, the world being bound in what can best be described as the Kali-Yuga never ceases to disturb me. Recently it came to my attention that the mass "ethnic cleansing" of Palestinians from East Jerusalem is underway and no one gives damn about anything other then attacking Iran. I suppose that since Europeans facing genocide in Mozambique and Rhodesia never seemed to upset anyone I guess it seems obvious that blathering about "we are the world" and other PC banalities defining how the former West views existence no hypocrisy is too crass to be fashionable.

Yet why should this surprise me? Flash mobs rampaging like zombies when a text message pops up leading to mayhem while the "disadvantaged youths" are never held responsible for anyting and "the system" is blamed for not doing enough to make cretins feel "esteemed and empowered". Like wise, I am lectured by morbidly obese slugs that guzzle a case a day about the evils of smoking and the need to ban my favorite leaf in the name of public good. Mean while supposed "Anarchists" openly discuss violence against insipid tea party types while hollering about freedom of speech and smashing up fast food joints. Equally disturbingly are inhuman mobs of college hipsters finding courage behind rioting mobs and bandanas as they savagely beat anyone deemed a "racist" by orthodox Trotskyites. These types belching miasma about human dignity and people power in while wearing Che tees view ebonic babble as English and talk about how "da hood’s got soul" yet drives off in late model Volvos to his suburban dwelling owned by his yuppie parents. It’s like the Dead Kennedy’s "Holiday in Cambodia" is being played out everyday.

Sitting back I see the world spiraling towards a spiritual (and more often a physical) favela where the breads and circuses of old are replaced by the Howard Stern Show, rap, Lady Gaga, junk food and Star Buzz or even Epic. Puffing away on some extremely strong Turkmen jurak I conclude that the masses of twitter flash mobbers and vapid pop culture consumers are as too free thinking persons as SB/Epic is to Shooting Star.

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