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Default Re: Seized parcel with molasses by UK Border Agency

Hey PC,

It's not just the EU. Here in the states, even though you don't pay taxes initially on items purchased from out of state via the internet, you are still "required" to claim them on your yearly tax filing. It's just that a very small number of people actually do make the claim on the tax forms. I'm sure some do but it's pretty much on an honor system to claim whatever you buy off the internet and haven't paid taxes to your state for having it. But it is still a requirement for citizens to do here in the states. Smoke happy.


Originally Posted by PCServe View Post
You have to pay taxes for every kind of tobacco you get from abroad, no matter if cigarettes or pipe tobacco (EU law). It is by the way illegal to avoid these taxes -> for example, if you get a parcel from the U.S. and the customs dont seize it, you have to go to your customs office and declare the taxes then.

I'm not 100% sure about the UK, but here in Germany the customs send it back to the sender, if you dont reply or pick it up within 14 days. Shipping fees are lost, but the sender will give your money back then.

btw: you even have to declare taxes for tobacco, if it is a gift. Jonathan from Sahara Smoke was nice enough to send me some HH for free and I had to pay taxes for it. 500g = 80 or something like that. Stupid EU laws ...
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