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Default Re: Alienation and Smoking

Originally Posted by Coyotero View Post
Down with poncy Moassel!

I agree with you Hajo, about roots, blood, and soil. About rejecting modern notions of conservatism, liberalism, Reality TV, Ed Hardy, and energy drinks. About the cheap and mass-produced banal crap that is sold en masse to a somnambulist public in hopes of Lulling them into a false sense of satisfaction. All these things which serve to destroy our souls and crush the very heart of that which makes us human.

Huxley was right, Orwell was wrong. It's our pleasures which they will use to control us. In the cheapest, most plastic, manufactured way... The illusion of contentedness to keep everyone complacent.
Can't agree more, because doesn't the mass public flock to their pleasures? What better way to control the people.
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