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Default Re: Alienation and Smoking

Peering into the future without learning from the past is why my generation and every generation thereafter has failed miserably at life. So many mistakes are repeated time and time again because government, citizens, youth, do nothing to learn from past mistakes. Change just for the sake of change, does nothing but speed up the process of circling the drain. The proverbial downward spiral.

Today's population expects government handouts rather then having a strong work ethic and self reliance. The ability to be free and obtain the things you desire in life is what has developed America into the promise land. I see Western life falling into the same trap so many cultures before us could not avoid. Excess laws, lazy subjects instead of citizens, more for the "People's Good" rather then the "Individual's Freedom". The "World Melting (Round Object Use for Cooking on the Stove)" is slowly creeping around the globe and cultures are fighting hard to repel that change. Look at the Middle East, China, US, Russia, no one wants to give up their way of life and it will be a bloody battle to the end. We will have to loose everything before humanity realizes that in order to survive we must know ourselves, what makes us human, before we can hope to advance to the next terrace of human existence.

In the mean time, I will stick to my internet spaceships game and pretend none of this is happening or really exists.

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