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Default Re: Alienation and Smoking

Originally Posted by uglybiker View Post
It's not just this generation. It's not everything becoming westernized. It's just part of human nature.
In every country, in every part of the world, in every period in history, over 99% of what can be considered 'popular culture' is total....mindless....crap. If you want something meaningful, you're going to have to search for it. And it makes it that much more meaningful when it's found.
The only reason today's crap is more noticeable is that we happen to be living through it.
Tradition is not waxing romanticly for an era gone and modernity is not simply what is current. Rather they are twin forces in contest with each other through out history. The West (in terms of culture) simply doesn't exist any longer because our masters have decided that globalism, atomistic indivisualism and conusmerism should replece kith, kin and all things of value in order to make the global plantation/factory easier to control.
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